We Are the World

Diverse, multi-generational, introverted, extraverted, and completely in love. Our family includes Sean & Mona,  Nikole & Kevin, Chris (now passed but always with us) & Bob, Nana, Amber & Kylee, Matthew & Patrick, Ruben & Roy, Lisa & Rob, Lexi & Sydney, and last but not least…Mr. Big (our silent partner and Kevin’s older brother).

While Sean is happily married to Mona, and Nikole & Kevin are life partners, our story begins with the marriage between Nikole and Sean. They were together for ten years and have two beautiful daughters, Amber and Kylee. Divorce is always a painful experience, and Nikole and Sean’s divorce was no different. But their incredible love for Amber & Kylee transcended their personal heartbreak and laid the foundation of our blended family. 

As Amber was embarking on her collegiate experience, she made the decision to switch to a vegan diet. None of us were vegan or knew much about veganism, but we happily supported Amber’s decision. Shortly thereafter, Kylee decided to also convert to a vegan diet. As all of us quickly learned, the processed food component of the vegan diet is largely soy based. Sean, who is a food savant, wanted to develop a high protein, vegan snack that was not soy based. Sean’s wheat meat jerky quickly became a great “on the go” snack for the girls, our family and a growing community of friends.

Out of the love for our two daughters…Blue Herbivore was born.  

Our Team

Sean (Cooking Dude)

His passion for culinary inventiveness led to our signature vegan jerky.

Mona (The Enforcer)

The powerhouse behind the scenes who won’t stop till the job is done.

Kevin (Banker Dude)

In charge of all things financial and future growth for Blue Herbivore.

Nikole (Da Brainz)

Investigates, creates and manages every situation with a recipe for success.

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